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Changing Behavior Through Win/Win Feedback

Have you ever wondered why your feedback was not understood or may not have been taken well? Sometimes our best intentions are just not enough. We may need to improve the way that we are providing and sharing feedback. This workshop was designed to provide you with skills that will immediately help you reach your results while improving your relationships. You will learn how to establish expectations up front, observe actions, provide WIN/WIN feedback, and assist your team or others to adapt their behavior and improve results.


  • Establish and clearly communicate expectations of performance
  • Create a system for observation and review of performance
  • Understand how your style of communication affects your outcomes when providing feedback
  • Utilize feedback to gain buy-in and strengthen your relationships


  • Establish expectations up front to create Win/Win outcomes
  • Improve your ability to influence others through feedback
  • Utilize feedback to assist your team adapt their behavior and improve results
  • Gain skills to improve your relationships


  • 1 day program for Managers, Team Leaders, Professionals, and Individual Contributors

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