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Creating Win/Win Relationships

Have you ever felt that you are not being understood or that your intentions are being misunderstood? You are not alone in today's fast paced environment. This workshop was designed to help you learn skills that will help you to communicate more effectively with others, give you tools to positively address potential "disconnects", improve your ability to influence others and create stronger working relationships.


  • Learn how behaviors affect and influence others
  • Create an environment where communication can move forward positively
  • Utilize appropriate skills to remain open minded and purposeful when facing difficult situations
  • Understand how to negotiate with others more effectively


  • Create Win/Win outcomes in your everyday interactions
  • Effectively identify some of the most common components that affect your communication
  • Apply the skills learned to improve your ability to influence others
  • Create stronger working relationships


  • 1 day program for Managers, Team Leaders, Professionals, and Individual Contributors

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