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Writing with Purpose - Gaining the Advantage

Having problems getting your message across? Then this is the workshop for you. It is a back- to- basics approach to writing. You will be able identify the importance of knowing your reader, connecting the purpose of your document to the needs of the reader and choosing a format that helps the reader to understand your message. Learning this methodology will allow you to fully engage your reader so that your results and desired outcomes gain recognition and attention if action is needed.


  • Learn how to connect the purpose of your document to the needs of your reader.
  • Design a message that is organized and makes logical sense to your reader.
  • Understand the importance of using drafts to remove emotions from your message.
  • Focus on making your message concise, clear and correct.


  • Analyze and identify your reader's needs prior to creating your document
  • Connect the purpose of your document to your reader's needs
  • Create documents that engage your reader and gain their attention
  • Achieve action or understanding as a result of your document


  • 1 day program for Managers, Team Leaders, Professionals, and Individual Contributors

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